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Loadout UI and Rivens


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I’m writing this to give DE a sense of a couple areas where I believe improvements can be made to accommodate my playstyle and how I go about entertaining myself in the endgame. Please notice a lot of personal pronouns in the above sentence... this is my own perspective and I’m not trying to speak for others. 

I am a MR27 daily player with all of the frames and most of the weapons in inventory. I try to build unique weapon sets for my frames. My Frost will always use a Glaxion and Sibear even though I have MUCH better weapons I could use. My Ember always uses Ignis, Nekros uses a scythe, Atlas uses a fist weapon, etc.. this keeps me busy in the end game by giving me a reason to find and build out these configurations through a ton of forma and rivens. It makes me happy to have a thematic, late-game-viable frame. I think of it as a more in-depth fashion frame exercise. DE has even leaned into it a bit when they added small utility benefits for frames and their signature weapons. 

Here is where my frustration lies: I would very much like to increase the number of loadout slots to equal at least the 40 frames we have. Hopefully more! It would be great to get a system where we can group our builds as well. For example, being able to navigate to a group I built called “Farm frames” I would like to select loadouts from Hydroid, my pilfering Khora, and my desecrate Nekros. I can see using theability to group loadouts together  being used to group frames by favored enemy, by mission type, by common sortie challenge type, by type of frame (support/tank/etc). Hopefully this is change that can happen. I find that some new frames that have come out are ones I level and have nowhere to put their build in my loadouts so they drift off. Out of sight, out of mind.... rip Baruuk.

I would also like to see the total Rivens we can use be increased. We have 40 frames and primary, secondary, melee on each (plus sentinel and archgun). So a limit of 130 or so might let us own a riven for each weapon. As I said earlier, I try to build thematic combos with my frames and weapons. I don’t want to use my zaw and catchmoon on every frame. I was compelled to take the time to make this post when I had to make a decision to dissolve an Ohma riven to stay under the cap that could have made that weapon a good choice for my electric themed Volt. 

Tl;dr- the loadout and riven caps are cramping my style. I want to customize my loadouts and build weapons w rivens for each frame. I keep hitting the loadout slot and riven cap wall. 

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