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Keyboard Layouts


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Disclaimer: I am talking from observation and what i was able to find in the forums and reddit alone! In addition, save yourself some timer and don't bother with answering with things along the lines of "then don't use cyphers!", myself and probably many many others have hacked enough consoles to solve them with both hands behind our backs and at that point it is just a nuisance to manually hack.

As a player that prefers the english language over their mother language, take that germany, it is quite infuriating that Warframe seems to ignore mismatched Keyboard Layouts. In my particular case i am using english with the QWERTZ (DIN-2137-1:2012-06) layout, where the major difference are swapped Y and Z keys. By default, Y is bound to "Show Player List" and "Use Cypher" (minigame only), the latter cannot be rebound and requires some keyboard acrobatics for us QWERTZ user to pull of quickly.

With that said, it would be nice if Warframe finally would take differing keyboard layouts into account, regardless of the chosen language (pure assumption from me, that the keyboard layout is defined via the client language choice). I am very certain that windows exposes  the current keyboard layout in their API's, so it wouldn't be that much work to incorporate an automated mechanism that chooses the right set of "hidden" bindings.

Another solution would be to expose these "hidden" bindings and let us re-bind them on our own, this would bring the additional benefit of adding to accessibility.

Greetings BrainInBlack


PS: Filed under bugs, since i think it is actually a bug. Not "just" a missing feature

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