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Ever since May 11th I've had incredibly poor performance/connectivity


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As shown in this thread


We had some issues that day with the servers that DE addressed in the thread. Now according to [DE]Bear, the problem was resolved and all was returned to normal. For me however the issues have never stopped. Making Warframe near unplayable. I've made this post in efforts someone will know how to resolve the issue as it's becoming incredibly frustrating for me.

  • Logging in takes about 5 minutes per attempt.
    • Usually says "Network Not Responding" or "Incorrect info, check your password"
  • Trying to start a mission ends with long load times and eventually defaulting me to host since it can't connect to anyone I presume (Results in angry teammates when they do finally join)
  • I get the same Network message during gameplay regardless if I play in a group or solo.
  • Upon 90% of my missions run I'm stuck waiting for account information to update. This can take up to 20 minutes (Longest experience so far, --usually 10-15 minutes)
    • Results in teammates stuck on their summary screen as the game repeatedly attempts to update my rewards and mission progress, -they usually just quit
  • Randomly with NO warning I'm thrown out of the game back to the main title screen staring at a default Excalibur.
  • Claiming items from the Foundry or changing my arsenal and trying to back out will result in my getting stuck, again sometimes just being thrown out of the game completely to the title menu

And before anyone jumps on the most basic of solutions...

  • I checked the integrity of my files. Sat through the check and download tried playing.......Same result.
  • I then decided to optimize via the launcher hoping that might help. Once again................Same result.
  • Finally I decided to completely uninstall the game and delete all associated files from my computer. Upon a fresh install?.........Same Result.

I don't know if this is worth making a support ticket for but figured I'd post and make note that the issues we had on May 11th? Never stopped for me. Before then? I never had ANY issues.

Also Warframe is the only game I seem to have this problem with. No other game I've played or tried has run into these problems of staying logged in or staying connected to the game.

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