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Making the new damage mod packs cost 8 plat

(XBOX)Adamas Par

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So when I was looking to buy some Endo to max out a few mods, the new Market UI showed me in what bundles the 1000 Endo item was in. I hovered over one of the items, which was listed at 8 plat (despite the bundle costing 75 plat usually).I honestly thought it was just a display bug when I went to it. On the bundle page it did say that it did in fact cost 75 plat. Figured I'd just dissolve the extra mods into endo afterward. When I selected "purchase" and confirmed it, I didn't realize it that it took only 8 plat instead of the listed 75. And admittedly, I kept going until I ran out of plat. Figured I'd give a heads up, not only to led DE know, but to cover my butt as well in hopes of avoiding a ban. If DE would like to return what my Endo and mod levels to where they were at before I did this, I'd gladly accept that.

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