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Pyrana Prime "Ghost gun" Passive Visual Glitch


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Really simple one. Not sure how long its been like this as I read older posts about it months ago. 

When using the Pyrana Primes passive, (getting 3 kills and "spawning" in a second ghost gun) the ghost gun does not fire and is just held at a very awkward angle. Also when fired while aiming w/ the ghost gun, the sound of the gun changes to something different. Please look into this little bug, its one of my favorite guns and such a stylish looking passive for the gun when it worked!

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Yeah this has been up several times and its been several months.
It actually happened after the first batch of melee 3.0 rework. The one where we got auto-blocks and quick melee was gone.

Still hasn't fixed it. Shame really.
I really wonder if they're working on it or not?

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