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Hello dear developers. 

I thank you for your work in creation of such great game and I would like to suggest to enter a new mode of game. In such game about the ninjia there is no reserved passing of levels. Yes "it is will tell" many, but it is simpler to all to pass on a breach as if tanks, burning out and destroying all live on a way that in principle contradicts definition of "ninjia".I ask to consider opportunity:

The card in which without reserve it is impossible to take place. Let's assume this crash of the ship with Warframe onboard. Damage of a suit and weak indicators of life, side effect at crash. Our task to destroy opponents or to seize their ship. We aren't able to afford to be understood with such damage open fight or frontal attack. And in case of detection we will be killed on the spot. To establish according to the card of a sentries fir-tree and other traps. At the end of fight to provide a powerful award to attract people to pass such levels.

 For grammatical mistakes and the wrong transfer I am sorry.

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