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I used a lot of rare relics and my teammates left and I got none of the rewards


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I lost tons of lith relics that I'd refined to radiant...I spent so long farming all of this amazing loot, it was by far my luckiest day ever...or so it seemed.  I didn't get a single item when we extracted after the completion of the mission...At that point I just turned off my xbox and started cooking dinner...frustrated.

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That happens often. Host migration is the biggest downfall in this game imo because it's always a roll of the dice. Either or get migrated back to your ship empty handed or you get migrated into the game with all your loot and you're still going. On a rare occurrence or two I've migrated back into the game to an invisible HUD and frozen in place unable to move, shoot, transfer or anything so you just have to quit. 

Some advice while we wait for a fix (hopefully, but don't hold your breath)set your Xbox to capture video for the last 30seconds or more and every time you get a prime part to drop you've really been hankering for, select the part and then record the video so it shows your gt and you picking the part. A little video evidence goes a long way when submitting tickets.


Don't forget this website is readily available to hopefully recover lost loot. Providing video or picture evidence is crucial. Just keep in mind they receive a ton of tickets daily and can only handle so many cases at once.



Alternatively, live and learn and get back on the grind. We've all been let down more than once in Warframe.

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