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Recruiting - Bermuda


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This clan started out as just a small clan that me and a friend made in order to get the clan research weapons. But after a while, I decided that trying to get more people into the clan could be a great opportunity to make friends and have a good time. This clan will be all about having fun, so I don't care if you have a high or low mastery rank.



-Don't insult other clan members. If you're just playing around with a close friend within the clan, then that is fine. But if you're insulting someone, and they tell you to stop, then you should stop. Otherwise you will be removed from the clan, no questions asked.

-Trash talk is fine, unless it is directed at a clan member.

-No one under 14 will be allowed into the clan unless they are referred by a trusted member within the clan (sorry).

-It is highly recommended that you have a decent quality microphone and Razer Comms, as this is what me and the other clan members use.

-If you're not seen online for an extended period of time, you may be removed from the clan. However, if you have a good reason, exceptions will be made.


The Dojo:

-All of the research rooms are complete.

-Mutagen Mass, Fieldron, and Detonite Injector research are all complete.

-Torid, Acrid, Ignis and Dual Ichor research are all complete.


If you're interested in joining the clan, post below or send me a friend request in-game.





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