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Switching From Single Wep To Dual Wep Need Help



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Yes you keep the Catalyst. Personally, I'd keep the single Vasto and make two new ones if you have the alots to be doing that. I personally miss my single Vasto.

.... *le sigh*


Search feature built into the forums for this very reason.


This very question has been asked about a million times since the arrival of the Dual Aklatos....

Though, I personally found the search feature ineffective. I can't find ANYTHING with it.

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If anyone could help me i wanted to know if i get another vasto and turn it into dual vastos will i still keep my catalyst upgrade and polarization on the new dual vastos

Apart from the cool factor it may not be such a great idea to switch from single to dual vasto. You not only lose your catalyst, but some accuracy, your reload time is doubled and more importantly the dual vasto has no polarities so you'll have to use an extra forma.

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