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Due to the test of time, I need an upgrade for my current PC.  Now that is said.  

     I am remembering what is like to be in Arch-wing pre-update 18.5 and above this update. What would happen if tweak the physics a touch?  I am not complaining, however I do miss those missions and remember "I wish this could be reworked", meaning better.

The pros:  adaptability with the physics in place. you can finish the mission on Phobos in a timely fashion. interceptions missions can be done easily.

The cons:  separate keys for barrel rolling and turning. enemies spawn, in my opinion needs to be upped/increased.  only in the event the whole map is cleared and your waiting.

                                                                                     ( Why?  enemy rating...)

I wish there were more of these missions to be honest.

There is forward momentum.  (First, boost, and Second boost.) -- this is what seems a touch out of balance.

Well, if you like it. You like it.You don't. You don't


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