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ESO Bug Suddenly Crazy Damage


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Was doing ESO with randoms, we get to zone 3 and one of them leaves so we are only 3 people instead of 4. Then we all start taking crazy damage. If any enemy hits you, you die amounts of damage. Full health, full shields, doesn't matter. I know this is a bug because I regularly just do ESO solo with my Saryn Prime build, and can get to zone 10 with little trouble. Everyone was getting oneshot, both pets and frames. I think even an Inaros would get oneshot. Not sure why 1 person leaving caused it to bug out like that, because there was no host migration or anything, and its the first time I've gotten that particular ESO bug but holy S#&$, that was not fun. Kinda made me never wanna do ESO again levels of not fun.

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