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Bug: Recovered Nightwave acts marked as completed if you did them during Intermission


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I didn't do anything during week 1 of Nightwave series 2.  After completing week 2, I noticed that I only got one recovered act despite everywhere else saying you get them 3 at a time.  After I completed that one, I didn't get any more... so I started looking through my completed acts list and quickly spotted the problem:

I have 4 total acts marked as recovered and completed... but I've only done 1 of these acts.

The 3 marked as completed but I haven't done are Polarized, Not a Warning Shot, and Gilded.  What these 3 acts have in common that the 4th (Supporter) doesn't is that I did all 3 of these acts during intermission.

You might be wondering why I'm only now reporting these at the end of week 3:  I filed a bug report last week, but I didn't get a response about it until after week 3 started; Support's response was to report it here... but at the same time, I could no longer check if the bug was still present because recovered acts vanish at the start of a new Nightwave week.

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