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Nightwave recovered acts gone again


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  • 2 weeks later...

In these situations, I hesitate to challenge "fully socket ayatan sculptures", "gild modular item" or other troublesome (elite? nonsense) tasks.

DE hand over to players tasks with the time limit, with glitches, WITHOUT their responsibility...

Can we get the compensation if we waste the costs for Nightwave tasks? (maybe...NOT)

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i also experience this issue, and in addition following happened:

i had recovered "kill ropalolyst mission"

When i killed ropalolyst, i got nora's notification (7000 standing completed)

However, when i came back to the ship, my total nightwave standing was same as it was before the mission and recovered "kill ropalolyst" nightwave objective was not showing up in objectives.

one mission after this, "kill ropalolyst" shows up as completed in nightwave, however my standing is still not adjusted with +7000.

I dont care much about ui bug but i dont like that i didnt get 7000 for completing recovered elite task.

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