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Faction Leaders And Warframes


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So the three Factions each have their specific leaders. (With the possible exception of Infested, but I'll discuss that in a moment.) They also have their own distinct styles, so here I'd like to take take advantage of those and explain my ideas for both fights with the leaders and special frames dedicated to each faction's tech/style.


Infested - Lets get the unsure one out of the way first. I don't know if the Infested have any sort of leadership, however that being said most players I've spoken too seem to believe it would be a sort of hive mind. If that is the case then my idea for a fight wouldn't be fighting a large infested. (We already have that in Lephantis) We would be destroying a planet sized infested mass. This would be quite a lot like a sabotage mission, only the mission would be huge, have multiple sabotage "rooms" and each room would be filled with deadly pits, hordes of enemies, and a few rather strong "boss" tier infested. (Phorids? Golems?  Maybe a single Lephantis in each room?) This entire tileset would give off the feel of not being on a planet, or a ship. But being inside a living thing. The walls would move, the ceilings would drip acid. The entire mission is actively trying to kill you.


    The Frame - This infested warframe would have probably been one of the early models such as Excalibur. But that was before the infested tore it apart and recreated it, building it with their blood, sweat, and tears. Literally. On a daring tenno raid, the frame was found, incomplete. You can earn the completed pieces, and finally put together the entire thing. This frame would have powers centered on the infested. 

    It's 1 would likely be a lobbed toxic cloud, much like Golem. It's 2 would be a cone of stunning ichor shot from either its face or hands. 3 would be Phorid's Spine Strike, and 4 would be a radial version of Lephantis' Spore Barrage. 

   Obviously this is just an idea, and before you say "Oh but we already have a poison frame." Yes. I know. But that's not infested. 




Grineer - We know the rulers of the Grineer. The twin Queens. What we don't know is what they look like, how old they are, or even if they are "combat capable". That being said? I would place them in suspended animation tanks. This fight would work much like a Mobile Defense, only you would first have to fight your way down through yet another massive procedurally generated installation, where the queens would be hooked up to a massive life support system. Of course you can't just destroy the system in front of you. They have backups, and backups of those backups. So instead it would work like a Mobile Defense, in that you would insert either a datamass or some sort of virus/corrupting agent that would use the system itself to weaken them. 

   This would take a long time in which you have to kill wave after wave of Grineer troops, led by previous Grineer bosses. All of them. Except these aren't like the others. These aren't clones. These are the originals and they are the strongest versions of themselves. (Please note DE. This doesn't just mean PAD THEIR HP AND DAMAGE. They should have special moves and utilize much better tactics than the normal bosses.) 

   Of course once the process is completed, you then see the queens leave their life support tubes, lets pretend a minor cutscene plays that shows them each stepping into their armor. Now the way I'm seeing the queens is that one of them is the close quarters combatant. Incredibly fast and strong, special melee skills. The other queen would be a long range fighter, swapping between a high powered gatling gun or a very strong sniper rifle. She would likely teleport away from the tenno or to specially designated perches to get better shots.


   The Frame - The Grineer have, unfortunately, managed to defeat a number of Tenno operatives since our return. However the Grineer have always been too stupid to subvert our technology for their own gains, instead bartering it to the Corpus or using them as trophies. The Corpus however are smart and using their cheaply obtained materials, have recently sold the Grineer the technology that is our very foundation.  After the Grineer made modifications to it, Tenno operatives were finally able to reclaim the tech. Put it to good use.

   With the Grineer frame you will finally be able to exact revenge using their most dastardly of technologies. Your 1 will be a small group (1, 2, or 3 depending on rank)  of Nervos that when released will immediately roll to the nearest targets. (Independent target acquisition will be needed so they don't all swarm one target.) The nervos will deal minor continuous dot to shields, but they will stunlock the targets for a long period of time.  Your 2 will allow you to fire out a Scorpion Hook, knocking down and dragging your target to you. Your 3 will emit the same shockwave Grineer heavy units have, but it will knock enemies further away and deal damage. Your ultimate will do something pretty neat I'm sure, but right now I can't think of what would go here.




Corpus - Corpus Leaders are essentially "corporate" leaders, they are referred to as "The Board", so I'll just assume they're a Board of Directors. These guys aren't meant for combat, they're the brains of the outfit. They've got pseudo-religious corporate lackeys to throw at you for combat, so how would you end up fighting them? When they think they're completely safe in their mobile battle-fortress/bunker of course, we'll call it Titan. This map wouldn't be so much long as it is large. After a short mission area on a corpus planetary base you finally come across a huge field, in the middle of it is an incredibly large armored vehicle, the Titan. This thing is less a vehicle as much as it is a small base in and of itself. It could easily host a good 4 tiles from the normal corpus Tileset. As you approach it starts spewing out corpus crewmen, moas, and ospreys. The Tenno would have to find a way to take it out from both the inside and out. This will require both skill and coordination as 2 Tenno would have to navigate their way into the bowls of the beast, whilst two would have to weaken it from outside.


All in all there will be 3 weak points, for lack of a better idea I'll just call them reactors. The way they'll work is they rotate slowly, half of them shielded and half of them exposed. When the inner half is shielded, the outer half is exposed. You see where this is going? However if the reactor is damaged beyond half its life, it will stop spinning on each side to repair until it has taken a specific amount of damage again. (Not much, just enough to ensure there are Tenno shooting at it from both the inside and outside. The entire time there will be corpus troops assaulting the Tenno and even the vehicle itself will have regenerating turrets. These 3 reactors would make up the meat of the battle, and once they are down you could finally assault The Board in a large central room of the Titan. The board of course are not nearly as combat trained as the rest of the Corpus troops you've been dealing with, so you'd likely slaughter them.


  The Frame - The Corpus frame was obviously made from the same stolen tech that they turned around and sold the Grineer, after making copies of course. It too was reclaimed. 

   Drawing from the Corpus reliance on their technology, the Corpus frame would be a puppet frame.Your 2 would throw out modified Corpus Mines, with a much larger trigger and explosion radius. With your 2 you would summon an indefinite, Tenno modified version of the Corpus Shield Osprey. Your 3 would use the Corpus Shockwave technology, and your 4 would summon (1, 2, or 3 depending on rank) Fusion Ospreys.

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