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Lt. Lech Kril Not Freezing

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I've run into this issue a couple times already but during the assassination mission on Exta, Ceres when fighting Lt. Lech Kril, there are times where no matter if his pack has been shot and the tubes disconnected, he will not freeze even when he does his ground attack. This makes the fight impossible to complete thus forced to abort the mission. As of this post, I've only experienced this twice so far and I am working on trying to see if it will happen a third time with video recording.

On the last occurrence, the squad member I was with suggested it may have been caused by my kubrow grappling Lech Kril and interrupting his attack causing this bug. Here is a screenshot of my kubrow's build to see if anything there may be causing this issue:


Additionally, both times this has occurred and everyone in the squad left and I remained in the mission, Lt. Lech Kril was 'fixed' and I could defeat him but then the mission objective did not update to head to extraction thus still forced to abort the mission.

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