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Ui Mods?



Hi all,


I'm enjoying Warframe a lot. One question: Are there any modifications to the UI that move the shield/health indicators a little closer to the middle of the screen, say in a ring formation around the reticle? I thought I'd seen one like that in a Youtube video, but searching anything involving "mod" in this forum, Google, or Youtube buries the results under weapon/frame mod-related words.


Anyone got infoz?

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Fair enough. I know "mod" gets used a lot for other purposes in this game, heh.


I mean alter the visual interface so that indicators like health, shields, energy etc. are not in their current places, but are displayed differently. For me personally, I have trouble seeing my health/shields without breaking my eyes top-right, and I sometimes get caught off-guard when my shields are lower, faster, than I expect.


Sounds like this isn't yet possible, and it's certainly not as big a deal as some of the other to-do items (coughVoltcough), but I was wondering.

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