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A list of appearance UI bugs

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When selecting a helmet that comes with a skin, pressing square to preview and backing changes the name of the skin equipped to the one previewed

If the above bug is performed and you change helmet, skin will change to the default skin for that warframe

The same two bugs can be done vice versa (preview skin changes name of helmet to helmet of the skin previewed and changing skin after that will force helmet to become the default helmet for that warframe) 

Equipping Dullahan Mask and then unequipping it with make the helmet slot say "dullahan mask" and change the appearance of the equipped helmet to the default helmet of the respective warframe

When changing a cosmetic item and you have nothing selected, if previewed and then backed out the cosmetic item will appear to have been selected instead of going back to nothing (doesn't work for for cosmetic slots for warframes were the "nothing" slot is a unique armor to that warframe (e.g. volt, oberon, banshee, frost, hydroid, khora, and any deluxes/tennogen that come with default armor). If the cosmetic is owned the cosmetic will stay equipped, if unowned then it will be unequipped upon changing warframes or leaving the arsenal. 

This bug applies to; all armor pieces, ephemeras, auxiliaries, syandanas, sigils, and emblems.

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