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Clarification and Suggested Solutions on Optional Mission Requirements?

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Can DE clarify what players should do with optional mission tasks?

Most challenges for all mission types below:

  • Auto-joining of random players with different goals for same mission causes conflicts.

Possible Solution:

  • It should be assumed/clarified that random groups should treat optional tasks as such, purely optional and not be expected to be completed unless agreed upon during session.

Proposed Lich Solutions:

  • Multiple Lich should be able to spawn at a time, removes a player from requiring to engage their Lich before others can engage their own.
  • Lich spawns should "chase" or spawn near their target similar to how Stalker/Assassin/Hit Squads spawn near and target the player. 

Some example mission types that are always causing community conflicts:

Hidden Caches

  • Find hidden caches in mission.
  • Problem: some players may not want to/don't need rewards, may not have a loot finder mod equipped or Nora Night hasn't requested them to do it this day/week.

Operation Plague Star

  • Eidolon Phylaxes/Infested Catalyst contributions.
  • Problem: some players don't want to increase the difficulty of the last boss, which they may or may not be geared/specc'd for.

Kuva Flood Missions

  • Kuva braid destruction not required to complete mission.
  • Kuva braid destruction not required to earn guaranteed Requiem Relic Reward.
  • Problem: some players are here only for the requiem relic, not Kuva, which has many more locations and means of being farmed.

Lich Controlled Mission Nodes

  • Mission Completion/Reward is not related to Lich system.
  • Main Problem: Inconsistent reasons to join mission.
    • Some players are there to collect Murmurs
    • Some to fight their Lich
  • Lich Specific Problems:
    • Lich spawns do not chase after their player, meaning player or group may need to backtrack through entire mission map to find Lich.
    • Lich spawns block other player's Lich's from spawning.

Edit: I realized after submitting I put this in the General instead of Mission feedback sub, Mods please move as needed.

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