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  1. My Plating https://imgur.com/zPbwiso My Wreckage https://imgur.com/t8lEcog My Error Message https://imgur.com/280X7vw BUT I have good news. I was able to fix this. So in case anyone else runs into this issue. It's a problem with the UI. I ran an Optimize Cache - not actually intended for this specific issue, but I had just installed the GForce drivers released today a few minutes ago and always do a cache thing after cause my game gets weird if I don't. Once I logged back in I ended up with some more plating and magically all of my Plating is now upgrading as expecte
  2. Yes, I have at least one or two extras of each. All MK 3. Edit: I should note that I've upgraded every flavor of MK 3 items, but the plating has been giving me trouble after the initial upgrade. So I'm unsure if there is a limit (eg: you can only upgrade once then have to try again with different plate if you don't hit max), the values of the max have changed or something else is bugged.
  3. I am trying to upgrade my plating, but I get the following message. Normally I would get a message about maxed stats if that were the case, but I also checked the wiki and my expectation is that my current Mk 3 can still be upgraded. Example from Wiki: Zetki MK 3 Max Hull = 4,800 / Max Armor = 2,938 My current: Zetki MK 3 is Hull 4,622 / Armor 2,938 I have same issue with Lavan and Vidar versions as well.
  4. This weekend I was hoping to farm up some MK3 Plating, but haven't been able to see it drop from any of the expected places. I had gotten several of each before, all low stats, but since Friday I have not seen a single piece of Lavan, Vidar or Zetki plating drop from any of the Veil nodes and I've just been running through each of them one after the other except for the Defense mission which I think only drops it if you do three rounds. I also noticed that my crew is no longer reviving each other. Not really an issue as it's always the engineer who dies, but it does cut down on my intrins
  5. I really like this idea. Even with frames like Mirage P where my build doesn't need any Umbra Forma, cause why have armor or health when everything dies; adding in three Umbra Forma and using those three changes things, but doesn't make or break anything. For example in the builds below while I lose duration and make my nullstar slightly less effective, I gain more HP and Armor so it balances out. My current build: 278 Dur / 282 Str / 45 EFF / 34 RNG https://overframe.gg/build/new/26/mirage-prime/?bs=WzEsMjYsMzAsMSxbWzY5NSwxMCw4XSxbNjc2LDUsMF0sWzY3OCw1LDBdLFs3OTIsMTAsMV0sWzgwMC
  6. Loaded into Flexa. No mission objectives. Killed lots of ships, no crewships spawned. Completed Derelict and Pulse Turbine. Never got a mission complete, but ships continued to spawn. Flew around map to see if anything would pop but nothing did. Tried to interact with Navigation. Only option was to Abort. :'(
  7. My New Loka ladies on the Moist Cake RJ. Image. Stats.
  8. Laying waste to Corpus as per usual and came across some fellow Tenno's RJ which seems like it's in good shape, but couldn't view the inside and they weren't around...so it's mine! Or at least I call salvage rights to it. :P https://imgur.com/5S6fcP3 https://imgur.com/v5a6YNh https://imgur.com/aodUkj3
  9. I'm someone who likes using my operator a lot when I play and because of this I find myself constantly going back to Umbro simply because my other Primes just hangout lifeless as soon as I leave them. I'd love the idea of a quest/significant build cost item that could be crafted then injected via Helminth or similar to forma/catalyst that would make any Prime frame work like Umbro. For reference:
  10. Oooohhh. Gotcha. I overlooked there being another screen shot button. :)
  11. Hmm, I must still be doing something wrong. I disabled the UI with Screenshots like you showed, but when I use F12 (Steam) or the PrintScreen Key they both capture the UI. https://imgur.com/JJlFJfy
  12. Probably something obvious that I'm missing, but how can I screenshot my Crew screen without the stats/ui overlay?
  13. How do I vote for mission acceptance? How do I leave a Railjack group without aborting?
  14. While solo, started Falling Glory mission node. Completed Point of Interest. Boarded Corpus ship after taking out 2 crewships and 2 ship guns. Completed 5 waves of defense. After completion of 5th wave ask to continue defense or end. Chose end and then received mission failure notice and was back on my Railjack.
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