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  1. As title says, shouldn't Fulmination and Firestorm be Exilus Mods? The Exilus mods are after all things like, beem length (sinister reach / ruinous extension), fall-off/Projectile speed (lethal momentum / fatal acceleration). Ammo, Recoil, Sound, etc. Wouldn't blast radius fit the bill to go into a slot like that? Seems like you could then have a meaningful choice between falloff/range vs explosion radius?
  2. I'm aware of Maprico fruit and Wall Meat (forgot it's name), but what other food items are there in the universe? Also, I'm concerned about my SOP drinking Cryotic cocktails at alarming rates.
  3. Cool. Unfortunately nothing is spawning during Stage 4 of the Operation. Edit: You can still extract and collect the default 575 rep though...so there is that lol.
  4. For those who were following / commenting on my fanfic at AO3 I moved it over to https://www.wattpad.com/user/Loveframe and will continue it from there. No issues with AO3 just finding this platform layout/features helps motivate me a bit more to keep going.
  5. Legit almost spit out my drink just now. Also, love that movie.
  6. I was in game and then got the network disrupted error, game crashed and now I can't login. RIP.
  7. I think I'm gonna take some time doing something else and wait until next month when they've made some updates that fix this and the other issues.
  8. Genetic Aging Regressing "At any time you can choose to Mature said Companion at which it will revert to its former Mature state with its existing Levels, stats, and Armor/cosmetics intact."<- Does this include Forma as well? Most of my animal companions have several forma in each. Is this to allow us to make room for the multiple of Hounds that are in my foundry awaiting companion slots? Stability & Loyalty Removal Any compensation for those long time supporters who had the segment upgrades?
  9. I feel this same way. I used Titania and just mowed the glowy dudes with my pistols. Seemed to be enough to get me to rank 1 which is all we need for the Lich, but yeah. This expansion is all about my literal two least favorite things in game. Granum Void and K-Drives /pout.
  10. Ya this quest is the ONLY quest in the game I am giving a hard pass on. I have never been into the Tony Hawk games and didn't participate with what I thought was just a silly mini game in Fortuna. I assume DE must have had user data to suggest that enough players used (and ranked) k-drives enough that it warranted making an entire quest focused on it, but my perspective is that I don't know anyone who does that in game.
  11. On Kill - If you can't kill it before, you're not going to kill it now. The nerfs to melee and new mods would be fine if they were still "On Hit/Crit/Status Effect". Making them On Kill makes them useless for anything other than regular Star Chart and non-endless Steel Path missions. Instead of making all these new gimicky mods, why not just make the three base mods required in all melee builds available as Primary and Secondary version? Example: Primary Condition Overload: +120% Primary Damage per Status Type effecting the target. Secondary Condition Overload: +120% Primary Damage per Status Type effecting the target. This whole Dev Shop seems like it is way over thinking it and making things more complex than they should be.
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