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  1. I had totally forgotten Profit Taker drops them lolz. Was doing bounties... Edit: Actually just ran some Profit Taker and that gives 2, Bounty 5 gives 2 and SP Bounty 6 gives 2. So not really any difference between any of these then. I think Bounty 5 is faster unless you have a decent group for PT.
  2. Hi, been playing all weekend and noticed I haven't seen a single Familial Bond sold by Ticker Friday night, Saturday morning or evening or Sunday morning or evening. I realize that it refreshes every few hours and checking only twice a day I could have missed that one time he had them but seems odd to me since I feel like he had them regularly prior to the event when I was trying to stock pile some. Anyway I am grinding the bounty 5 mission now to get that color pallet and floof even though I'm max'd rank with Fortuna.
  3. I think the revive feature of the new Fox and Sphynx companions should be made available to the other pets. Also Primed Regen for Sentinels as max rank should be changed to respawn sentinel indefinitely so it basically functions similar way to the pet mods.
  4. They had the announcement of it ending in game, on their Website, Twitter, Facebook, Twitch Streams, Reddit and Instagram. I'm sure it was probably also mentioned on their Discord. I guess they should have had Nora look up your personal information and give you a call the day before, but you probably would have missed that too ;) :P
  5. Oh ok, so the folks with 10 10 10 9 aren't actually able to accumulate more than is needed to match 10 10 10 10? That makes sense. People in chat sounded like they were earning more so that when command comes out they could go straight to 10x5 or at least 10 10 10 10 X with however many extra points they were able to earn.
  6. Just an FYI, you may already be aware, but many frames early on are going to require a resource called Nitain Extract which is ONLY available within the Nightwave cred shop. If you do at least ~5 ranks in you should have enough credits to buy all that you will need for a good long while. And of course, that is also something I have issue with when it comes to how Nightwave is done, but it's a dead horse topic these days.
  7. Is there a way to reset my Intrinsic ranks so I can stockpile more for Command? So I missed something somewhere, not uncommon for me...but anyway I have rank 10 in each Intrinsic and can no longer gain intrinsic. I am hearing that players who kept at least 1 uncapped (ie: 10, 10, 10, 9 or whatever combo) are able to stockpile intrinsic beyond the required amount so that they can have stockpile for the new Command.
  8. "limited-time-never-coming-back-go-read-about-it-on-the-wiki-lol" Literally had a friend played until MR14 and would ask me what and who the Tubemen were because during the Regor boss fight, he's constantly talking about them, but that dialogue has no relevance to the current game world or story new players go through. As far as Quest progression goes, there seems to still be a significant gap in the main story line indicating to players that they need to do "Chains of Harrow" in order to continue to progress through the main story. As this was something my friend was very confused o
  9. Hi, not sure what happened to me today and maybe it's just me...but today just now I opened Steam. Clicked Warframe -> Play -> Warframe Launcher appeared. Updates as per usual then quit out. I go back to Steam and it shows Warframe is no longer installed. I look in my steam folder see that Warframe folder is ~29.6GB and then I go to /Warframe/Tools/ and run the Launcher. It shows up fine, but decides it's going to redownload the game...sort of but not really as it apparently downloads all 29GB in about 2 min and then runs update after update after update for another several minutes
  10. I think when the first Mech came out the easiest way was to do the Isolation vault but not trigger the optional puzzle vault room so mobs kept spawning infinitely. Is that still the case for forma'ing them or is there a new better method now?
  11. So on one hand I think it would make sense that it be corrosive and then as far as game mechanics go it'd still allow the Akbronco P to do Corr/Viral/Heat...however... On the other hand the Entrati haven't done a good job of fighting off the infested. In fact I don't think they were actually ever trying to before Son infected everyone. More than likely they were focusing on Viral weapons using the infested, hence why all their weapons are viral and would account for why they are having such trouble with infested when the Tenno show up.
  12. I have 3 converted Lich's I've saved for this very thing. However, the ones I killed for weapons looked a lot better. I do hope I can use the parts/customizations from any previous lich with them. Otherwise I might just use whatever Ticker sells if they look better. This is taking Fashion Frame to an entire new level! Also, while I am surprised and happy about the crew using Primaries I give them I would like to see them use a set of weapons, specifically I would have liked to give them a Zenith, Azima and Sigma & Octanis / Zenistar with Loadstar cosmetics. Though maybe I i
  13. So as of this morning I have them in my inventory. No inbox message, but they came in.
  14. Welp. Tried relinking and still nadda for me. Shows as claimed though, so maybe some day in the future it will show up.
  15. Claimed on Twitch. Logged into Warframe. Nadda. Maybe it takes a while or is bugged. Will try again tonight after work.
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