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Ivara’s ability & weapons recharge Bug

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Hi, I’m playing on Nintendo Switch and I have two different problem so if you could explain and help me thanks:

- if I open Ivara’s ability the game suggest some tricks with 12 banners, the 10th banner say that Prowl will not consume Energy while we are moving on ropes/cables... but this isn’t true, if I’m on a cable I’ll consume Energy as I’m on the ground. Is that an error and I could move really without consume energy on ropes or the trick banner is wrong and that ability was reworked?

- the second problem is the most important, sometimes I can’t recharge my weapons when I want !!!   This is really really annoying because I want recharge weapons when I have about 50% of bullets in, and when the situation is quiet... but with this bug instead I can do this only when there is no bullets in and when I’m in front of enemy and I could die (I died to much times)! I’m crying for this ahahah

So sorry if I don’t speak English very well, my hope is that somebody can read this and aswer me. 

Thanks guys

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