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Which Warframe ?



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Ash, definitely. Tyl Regor is one of the easiest bosses in the game (with the exception of Nef Anyo). Kela De Thaym (not sure if that's spelled right or not) is not hard, but very annoying. Raptor is not only annoying, but he is dangerous.

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Ash would be the easiest because Tyl Regor if I recall only uses melee.If you're also planning to get Saryn then it's worth farming her from Kela De Thaym, a little annoying but she's worth it, IMO one of the best frames out there. I think there are still plenty of people farming Nova so you can also try, having good team against Raptor would really make things easier.

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Aside from the boss itself being easy, everyone is going to have their own opinions on drop rates.


Nova - 4 runs

Saryn - 18ish runs

Ash - 100+ runs without a systems - Only frame I still need.


Ha, my case was the opposite. I got Ash in 8 runs, never gotten Saryn, but Nova took me 75 runs.

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