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Steam Overlay Not Working With Warframe Set To 64-Bit Mode.


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I saw this and instead of thinking 'wow, this is a bit of an issue' I instead thought 'holy crap I can play a game off of steam in 64-bit?!?'


But that might be part of the issue with the overlay, pretty much every steam game runs in 32-bit, so the fact that you're playing in 64-bit might be throwing it off. No clue how that is supposed to help you fix it without going back to 32-bit though.

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I had the same issue. Then i went away for about a week, starting when U10 released. I came back, turned on Directx11 and the experimental multithreading, downloaded the update and for some reason now it works again... And yes i run 64-bit.

Also, when i changed the settings it started over the download. Not sure if that helps.

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It happenned to me yesterday and it never came back.

I've even reinstalled steam and warframe few minutes ago to see if that could fix this issue, it didn't work.

Something I maybe should mention is I used Fraps yesterday, I needed to keep an eye on my fps in game, saying this because I see a post talking about this above..


I installed the game through steam only because I use its chat feature a lot, now having to Alt+Tab to see the chat window on desktop is kinda annoying 


Crossing fingers for a fix soon :(

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Had this problem for a long time but never really investigated why.  Finally decided to. On a 64-bit machine running the game on 64-bit mode. Have to uncheck 64-bit mode on the launcher settings to be able to use Steam overlay and take Steam screenshots, hooray.

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