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Gladiators or new conclave


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This is a suggestion more than anything, and is to fix the conclave but in a way that would bring something totally different to warframe.

Is that an option is added or entered into adventure, with the plot that you have to compete as a locked gladiator fighting for his life and
a reward, also one would not fight with his warframe but have to fight the tenno (yes out on an adventure maybe you have to do it because this
prisoner or something like that) leaving your warframe out of combat. This would make sense because the place he is locked in (for some reason
he cannot use his powers of emptiness)
He will have to fight with skill and weapons adapted to the tenno.

If it were an adventure and the player completes it later, he would give him the option to return to the combat arena but it would be changed so
that he would not be a prisoner, but would fight only for the reward

Something of an aggregate plot that had to do with the already old-fashioned conclave would be that perhaps having to fight with the teno for the
first time you will have to require Tenshi's help to learn some kind of ancient martial art or something.

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