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The Umbrageddon


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So I know it's been a hot minute since Umbra and we already have a bunch of updates coming but I had an idea for maybe a new update or even like an addition to the New War or even Duviri. The Umbral Rebellion [Working Title]. Spoiler warning to people who haven't already gotten Excal Umbra.

With Umbra we were introduced to a few key things:

1. The possible construction process of Warframes

2. Ballas evidently had wanted to create a new type of Warframe, stronger than either the vanilla or Prime variants, the Umbral Warframe

3. Umbral Mods, which are better than even Primed Mods or at least most of them and which require a very specific kind of Forma to integrate into the Warframe efficiently.

Now, I'm not sure what DE wants to do with their lore exactly, but I for one love to see lore get expanded on and this will both give players something to improve even further one may even call it Plus Ultra and a little something for the lore nuts.

Imagine if Ballas, before the fall of the Orokin, had began production on the Umbral Frames, more than just Excal, and had put them into some sort of cryo sleep kinda like how we see our Frame at the start of the game. Then after all of this time from being abandoned, they manage to break free from the stasis and are out for revenge against Ballas or even the Sentients again I'm not sure how DE wants to handle their lore. So they go out to the Origin System and begin wrecking S#&$ in their thirst for vengeance, hearing that Ballas has been made Sentient they begin tearing into them to get to him. We see Ballas still being at least in control of his own functions when he gives you the Paracesis, so what if he manages to break free from the control somehow and goes to the Tenno for help with calming the Umbras down. In order to calm down the Umbral Frames, the Tenno need to do what they did with Excal, understand what's driving their pain, go into the mind of the Frame, and calm them down forming a bond. It's almost like the Kuva Lich system except instead of a weapon or companion you get a new Frame.

Now as for the Frames themselves you don't even really need to do more than what you've done with Excal, that is to say, upgrade one ability, maybe it can be similar to Excal's in that it removes Sentient adaptation or maybe it gives resilience to Tau damage to allies or something. You don't even need to give them an Umbral mod to start with because as I'm about to explain-

I also imagine that maybe you can go to Ballas to have him turn one of your normal mods into an Umbral version of itself. This way we can upgrade our Frames and weapons differently but still have that IMMENSE boost in power from the Umbral mod set. Along with this he can also sell you an Umbral Forma, obviously these will require a fair amount of work to get to, I'm thinking this can be something for more experienced players so they can push more out of their Frames and weapons than even just the Prime Frames.

If anyone else has any ideas for how this could work I'm all ears, I really liked the Umbra quest line and wanna see more of it. I wanna see how an unstoppable god-like war machine would react when pitted against another arguably more powerful version of itself. Excalibur versus Excalibur Umbra, Oberon versus Oberon Umbra, hell imagine Saryn versus Saryn Umbra.

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