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Strange Deaths




in the last weeks I have had a lot of strange deaths, that I can´t really explain and thought maybe one of you knows if this is a bug or a feature I just don´t know about (ik, everything is a feature :P). To be more accurate, there are three different deaths that I talk about:

1) Random Operator death: My operator just dies in void mode randomly, although I´m usually in a gorup of enemies while that happens, a one hit in the middle of a void dash sounds quite unlikely (I have over 1000hp on my operator). Also I don´t get the Transference Static debuff, which I should get in a normal operator death.

2) Instant Respawn screen: I instantly enter the respawn screen, even though I have A) three party members alive to revive me and B) a Vasca Kavat equipped.

3) Quick Thinking getting ignored: I usually play with a Mirage Prime, Primed Flow max and Quick Thinking max. But sometimes i get downed and see that I still have 600 energy left, even though there should be none left when I´m dead. 


I play more than reading the wiki and changelogs (I do look into both from time to time though) and nearly never visit the forum tbh. If I have missed something please tell me, or maybe you have experienced the same issues.

Thanks in advance

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  noticed some on pc & xbox myself on some weird deaths dont know if they are caused by same thing 

I did a void run yesterday ,as khora, and had after strangle dome decast it wiped me and my squad (xbox) this happened 2 times 

then as baruuk on pc was casting my 3rd and died without an enemy near me or in range

im not sure whats going on, but random deaths did occur before the update rarely, now seems more frequent 

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