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Wisp buff duration bugged on railjack archwing sometimes


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This does not happen always, and it usually seems to happen the second time you go from your railjack ship to archwing mode. This happens in both solo and two-man squad, when hosting and when not hosting.

What I do is put Wisp flower buffs (1st ability things, health and speed buff only) on the exit hatch of railjack in the beginning of the mission, and then go out with archwing with those buffs. I have a build with 70+ seconds on the buffs, and on the first go or two the buffs are on for the correct amount of time. I've not enough attention to say for sure what causes the bug, but it might be me going to blow up a crewship (one of those big ships) and coming back for buff with the omni tool's teleport ability you unlock in 3rd-4th level of one of the intrinsics, the one that lets you teleport back to the ship by using the omni tool.

What happens when the buff duration bugs, is the duration is around 26-30 seconds instead of what I have in the build. I've made a habit of coming back for the buff with omni teleport and the bug doesn't seem to happen all the time when I do that, so that isn't probably the only triggering factor.

Railjack is a most excellent addition to the game, so I hope this wont be one of those persistent bugs, as Wisp really found her place with this game mode. And Wisp is not the only frame that can be used to benefit the archwing to similiar extent or even further. I've not yet tested those other frames so dont know if they're bugged too like this, but as time goes by people will use them, just like they use certain frames on eidolons. Gara and 1st ability augment frames. 


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I have this bug too, i found the reason why, This happens when you go outside the Railjack with the reservoirs buff active, once the buff ends and you are in archwing mode, if you go inside crewship or others and go back to playing with wisp and the buffs duration ends the bug doesnt happen, its only in archiwing mode. The bug takes away all of your warframe and weapons mods, for some reason aura mod still works. your archwing still has its mods though.


ways to go around the bug are:

- go back to railjack BEFORE the reservoir buffs ends, using omni(activate at 7 seconds left or so) or going back normally.

- use an exit railjack that doesnt have reservoirs on it and wait for the buff to end BEFORE going out on archwing mode.


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more precise information about the bug and why it happens
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