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Pulling Omni out at the wrong time can cause loss of functionality


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I was doing a mission with my brother (who was host), and he suffered a loss of functionality upon pulling his Omni out.

I had boarded an enemy ship.  He was defending the Railjack from boarders and repairing.

He pulled out his Omni tool to repair a major breach, and at the same moment was staggered by an enemy.  But also at the same moment, I activated my own Omni to return through Tactics Rank 4, thus triggering the Railjack teleport timer.

We're not sure which of these events may have caused the issue, as it was all simultaneous.

He pulled out the Omni, immediately went into a brief T-pose animation such as the one triggered before Commanders teleport you, and from there had a nearly complete loss of functionality.  He could not fire his Omni, he could not pull up the gear wheel, he could not switch to a weapon.

All he could do is run around, and he was able to interact with and get into the pilot seat.

From which he could do nothing else.  He could not fire guns nor missiles, he could not move the ship, he could not activate railjack abilities, he could not exit the pilot seat.  He could only move his view around, but nothing else.

I soloed the last of the fighters with the side guns, and took out the shipkiller solo as well using archwing to deal with the exterior components.  And then it occurred to me that as I wasn't host I probably wouldn't have access to the nav console.  But for some reason I did, and I was able to return us safely to the drydock.  He remained stuck in the pilot seat until the docking had fully completed, at which point he regained full functionality.

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