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Railjack - Black Hull color is not black at all


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As I use the same colors for everything, I made my Railjack Black and Purple... well ... I tried to. This is the "Black I have":


I tried several "As Dark as Possible" colors, but this one is the blackest of all the palettes I have, and for everything else (Warframe, Orbiter, Pets, Weapons,...) it's fine. It's even fine inside the Railjack as it is as black as expected:


But not the outside hull that remains grey... and a pretty ugly grey for me. I hope you can fix that asap (as I guess this is not a big issue).

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I noticed this on the two Skins for the Railjack when compared to the standard Sigma-skin.
The colours on the Skinned models seem to dull significantly on certain colours. The darkest Halloween Red, which looks normal on the standard skin, comes out a funny dull-pinkish-crimson on the Alt-Skins.

Hope DE is able to hot-fix this :)

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