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[PS4] Kingdom Bound Welcomes You, Tenno!


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Hello, Tenno! I'd like to give you the opportunity to join Kingdom Bound.

In Kingdom Bound, we look not at the things of this world, but look up to Him eagerly waiting for His return. God called us to be His children and to grow closer to Him through the power of His Holy Spirit dwelling within us.

As part of the Kingdom Bound, we believe it is our calling, as Christians, to lead a righteous life and to be an encouragement for others, including our brothers and sisters in Christ. Just because we are a group of people who play video games, that doesn’t mean we can’t bring God glory by the way we act while gaming (even if you’re playing alone).

Members of Kingdom Bound communicate with one another in our Discord server. As part of Kingdom Bound, all members are required to remain active in the server and participate in clan activities. What's the point of being in a clan, if you never do anything with other people in the clan?

As it goes with each new/upcoming clan, we are a small clan and keeping our doors open for any newcomer who wants a good gaming home. If Kingdom Bound seems like the right home for you, then contact me ScarletFox97 by leaving a comment or sending a message via PSN and I will be happy to let you become a member of Kingdom Bound.

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