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Cephelon Si Bug???


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My clan and I have finished building the Dry Dock and have been farming to also build Cepholon Si. We are running into issues with the resources we put in not being accounted for. For example, We only needed 2 more Detonites and 1 more Mutagen Mass, when I came back to check to see if it was finished finally, the requirements said we still needed 10 more detonites and if I'm not mistaken 5 more Mutagen Masses. My point is that our resources that we are putting in are not being accounted for and it seems like something is resetting our progress or setting it back rather. This as you can imagine is very frustrating because it is no secret that your game is very grindy already. I hope this issue gets resolved soon because we are essentially waiting on you to fix this problem. I and my team mates should not have to continue to grind for these parts when we have met the requirements to build Cepholon Si already. The Cap that is required for us on the Mutegen Mass and the Detonites are both 50 and also we are a Storm Clan called Celestial Tennos. Hope all that information helped. On a positive note, I do understand that problems like this can occur, especially for large updates. Overall, I think you guys are doing an awesome job with the game and look forward to what Rail Jack has to offer in the future. I hope to see this issue resolved for my clan. Again our clan name is: Celestial Tennos

Thanks for taking the time to read this.


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