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Can't play + ridiculous download times.


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I'll just be brief. Was playing, Alt-Tabbed out and when I came back that stupid glitch where your mouse sticks to things happened. Had to restart my game. Did so and every time it would get about 1/3 of the way loaded then just stick there. Restarted my computer. Same thing, do this and more several times over and finally I verify game files through the launcher. It finishes and now it says "Checking for new content 20000.0 MB (2 MB/s) it's not usually this slow, and I know for a fact there's no new update, especially one that takes hours longer to download than the entirety of Empyrean did. There's no way to make it stop either. Restarting the launcher or the game just makes the download start back up again. I feel like it's re-downloading the entire game. Any ideas what's going on? I should also add that my download speed is way faster than 2mb/s for everything else.

Update: So it eventually got to about 20% and dropped down to 10 KB/s then out of nowhere shot up to (and I'm not kidding) 900 MB/s and basically got it to 99% then down to 10 KB/s again for that last 1% which took about 5 minutes or so then at 100% "Update failed!" I then restarted it only for it to tell me it's checking for updates again, but never actually make any progress. Restarted computer. now it's saying there's suddenly another 15073 MB for it to download. Wtf.

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