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Option to disable "Strict NAT" Warning


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hello there,


i use a very good, statefull "next-gen" firewall, without the UPNP backdoor, i always get the strict nat popup after logging in.

since i won't change that, because i don't feel the need to penetrate network and/or client security, it would be realy nice if the would the an option to disable the strict nat warning popup

at some point i hoped the game client would notice that after pressing OK a few hundret times and not giving a dime about it, that it would stop to annoy the crap out of me, but that sadly didn't happen.


PLEASE -with strawberries and cream on top-: let me disable this popup.




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Yes, please, YES

I don't have problems with upnp, and i don't know what your game wants ... but i always get the message ... sometimes after a crash (more common with railjack these days) i get the strict nat msg AND the "you want to rejoin" ... couldn't say how often i #*!%ed up the reconnect to the mission cause i wanted to klick the upnp msg away...

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