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"Lock´" Avionics - i keep selling things i really dont want to sell


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yeah, yeah, im dumb and its my fault... but i were asking and we are a lot of dumb people around (?)

When you go to the "scrap" menu in the avionics of your Railjack you can Scrap the Avionics you were saving or even the avionics you are using... without noticing at all. 
Not only the game doesnt warn you that you have that thing equiped, so you probably like it or need it... but also they almost look all the same, the upgraded and the not upgraded ones. The visual impact you had in the mods were you can easily see wich ones are upgraded you totally lack it here were you have a UI with almost all the same colour and a number between brackets. 

 - Let us "lock" desired avionics to avoid selling it
 - Give a warning when someone is trying to mark for scraping an equiped avionics. 


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