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So I did the final Veil Proxima Mission solo again, this time with a Corvas...


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And yeah, turns it while it can work, it's... very, very tedious. Wouldn't recommend unless you want to waste quite a bit of time.

But anyway, I did it solo, and with the following restrictions I set on myself:

  1. No Forma on equipment
  2. No Rivens on equipment
  3. No Arcanes on equipment
  4. No Archwing shield-gating from Hildryn
  5. No Operator

The result is that I died only once, when I miscalculated my frame's ability to endure hits. Anyway, here's the mission around 7 minutes in (I started at around 16:18):



The final mission success summary (since in my joy, I forgot to take the screenshot of the total number of deaths I have in the mission, I did save my EE.log for the run and posted the time of death here, using Semlar. I'll make sure to take an image of total deaths next time):



16:53:09 - <Renegade343> killed by 35 damage at 21 health from a level 85 EXO EVISCERATOR using a GrnDSCrewTwinGrakatas

My builds:










Dragon Nikana:



Chesa Kubrow (Baron):












What I do to complete the mission:

  • Use Synthesis Scanner bound to a quickly accessed hotkey to trigger Vigourous Swap in Archwing weapons.
  • Parked Railjack somewhere far away so I don't have to periodically go back in to fix catastrophic failures.
  • Use Amesha's 3 to slow enemies down so I can chase them up with my Corvas and shoot them (with my build, I deal around 730 critical damage per pellet to Elite Exo Cutters)
  • When running out of energy in Archwing, use Amesha's 4, then 2 to put yourself in the middle of the beacon for energy and health restored by staying still and letting the projectiles hit you for energy
  • Because I'm going in close, I need to prioritize what fighters to kill first or I will die a lot. Of course, I kill the crewship first, but then, I kill in this general order:
    1. Outriders (bombs rather damaging to the ship, can strip away Amesha's 1 relatively quickly, large weakpoints for easy kills)
    2. Cutters (fast, rockets deal quite a lot of damage when Amesha is vulnerable)
    3. Flaks (disk projectile somewhat damaging, more easily dodged, not all that useful for the Amesha 4-2 energy-health regen I said above)
    4. Taktis (homing electric projectiles have splash, but deals relatively little damage if using Amesha 4-2 energy-health regen)
  • With Gauss, I charge up my battery for 2 (since the Grineer foot soldiers in that mission can deal physical and Cold damage, which Gauss's 2 protects against), and then press 4 to blend enemies up with the Dragon Nikana, after a bit of priming with Atomos. Amalgam Daikyu Target Acquired for slower, but more constant health regen from normal attacks, Life Strike if things go a bit south.
  • Daikyu used to destroy reactor, and as the reactor has Object health, I built it for raw damage + healing utility.

Things to note:

  • When you have a catastrophic hull breach timer ticking down, and you fix a minor hull breach (the orange markers), you can reset that timer back to 60 seconds again. Here's how it works:
    1. You have a catastrophic timer running right now, and it drops to 40 seconds.
    2. You fix a hull breach (the orange markers), giving the ship a little bit of health back.
    3. The enemy drops your Railjack health back to critical again (let's say it takes them 10 seconds)
    4. Your catastrophic timer now resets, from 30 seconds to 60 seconds, and counts down from 60 again.
  • Beware of one of the Grineer foot soldiers when boarding a crewship, he has an Cold damage Ignis, and it deals rather hefty damage.
  • Fighters are really, really weak to Radiation (have Alloy Armor and Robotic, and Archwing weapons deal combined elemental damage somehow), so mod your Archwing weapons for that.

So anyway, yes, you can complete Railjack missions with a Corvas, but would you want it? Answer's probably 'no', unless you're crazy like me (spent over three hours figuring and testing out how to do it effectively, and really, that time could be better spent for something).

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Forgot why mod for Radiation
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