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  1. Maybe not, but having an easily accessible portal to the sun to use against your enemies does tend to remove armor. Also removes their flesh, their bones, their hopes, their dreams...
  2. Isn't that LPW in a nutshell?
  3. Well, I wouldn't like the numbers to talk, because it's not helping with my killing- oh wait, never mind.
  4. Oh boy, you should've seen the (debatably) golden age of the Acrid during the Solar Rail conflicts. Toxin damage + guaranteed Toxin proc = Quite a bit of early-match deaths on both sides, and you are pretty much guaranteed to see it in every match.
  5. Nah, we'll just slap some red/black paint on Corpus weaponry and call it a day.
  6. Well, at the end of the day, we'll be making nicknames for it.
  7. Nah. We just made a small leap when talking about it.
  8. Well, it kind of already is. The clan I'm in have already called it Ropalolist.
  9. We'll figure it out eventually. After all, we have countless food scientists.
  10. Earliest likely next Tuesday, because after all, they're entitled to a holiday known as Victoria Day.
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