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  1. "Understood.", Alp nodded, then went to continue watching the screens.
  2. "What was that thing he always said he liked during wartime... the goop? Yes, that must be it. But how could I say it to them without causing confusion or offence on their cookery skills?", Zarine thought as she continued to flick through the menu, now looking for food that Zephyr would like, while her mind was still thinking up of a way to have that 'dish' cooked. ---------- Alp, already changed into another suit, went back to the room where Mortem was in. "So, any more news?", he asked.
  3. Zarine looked at the menu, first sifting through the contents at first, then slowly taking her time to read it. As she read it, her mind had a small reminder about the food that Yvlo liked the most, and she tried to find it in the menu. ---------- "And how, exactly, did you get all these credits?", Yvlo asked, his voice slightly inquisitive, "You don't seem to be the Tenno that likes to run missions.". "[size=3]I had to live, so I had to do it, [/size]", Zephyr replied, "[size=3]and as I did it, I kind of liked it. So I kept doing it, and soon enough, I had enough credits to susta
  4. "Do you have anything that I could buy without having to eat here?", Zarine asked the Ash, "I wanted to give some food to someone, but he cannot move from his area for now.".
  5. Zarine approached the shopping district after a while of finding her way in the command base. She then started walking down, looking at the various stores to find a food store. Soon, she found a small store tucked away between two larger shops, and went in to see if the food in there would be of high quality. ---------- "Since we haven't really talked too much ever since... that incident, ", Yvlo started after the both of them were silent for a bit, "we could use the time now to catch up on things. So, what did you do while I was... away?". "[size=3]Just a few missions here and t
  6. Zarine walked out of the hospital bay, and tried to find any store in this command base, since the last time she had 'lived' in a command base such as this, there were a few stalls and shops to buy a few essentials.
  7. (OOC: Understood). IC: "Right, I see...", Alp nodded, "I'll go change, since I'm guessing we'll just be going in to get them.". And so, he walked out of the room, and attempted to find Mortem's ship to change the suit he was wearing. ---------- After a while, Zarine asked the both of them, "Do you two want to have something to eat? I could see if I could get some outside, or call Bax to fly my Liset here.". "Sure.", Yvlo replied, and Zephyr nodded. She then got off her seat, then went out of the room to find a small store of sorts to buy a few foodstuffs.
  8. "Then we'll stay put to be safe, ", Alp replied, "they'll definitely be ordered to come, then we'll get the both of them right here, without us going to them. As for the others, we'll leave them as more bait, since Kar might probably like them, given his... interests.". ---------- "Are you sure you've given the intel to the right people?", Yvlo asked, "It seems awfully long for them to set up an alert to rescue them, given the amount of data we have...". "Which, to be honest, is relatively little, ", Zarine replied, "we will wait for a moment longer. If there is still not an aler
  9. "See if those two already sent the signal about the station, ", Alp responded, "if so, then we'll wait here, since they'll most likely come back to be the leaders of the rescue team to get those Tenno back out. If not, we'll get in, kill them, and get out.".
  10. "I'll keep these, ", Alp replied to Mortem, "they've helped me survive, so I think these'll still do.". ---------- "[size=2]So... did they say anything about rescuing them?[/size]", Zephyr asked, as they were talking about the recent rescue mission that they did to get her out. "Not yet, but they said that they would look at it, ", Zarine replied, "although I do hope that they would send out the alert soon.".
  11. "Well, that was quick, ", Alp chuckled, "So, any plans, or we'll just stay here and wait for a while?".
  12. "First off, my pay, ", Alp replied, "and second off, my pay. Finally, my pay. After all, that's what I do for a living, and I'm sure as hell not going to leave such a good paycheck to go.". ---------- Zephyr shifted herself up a bit to sit on the bed, her back against the pillow, and the three of them started talking about anything.
  13. "Anything specific?", Alp replied, then wondered for a bit, before saying, "The Vauban's often with that Nova named Zarine, so there's that. Should pop up on some sensors. Oh, and maybe ask for any Tenno that came in with serious torture wounds, along with a Vauban and a Nova. That should narrow that down.". ---------- Zarine nodded, then went over to Zephyr. "How is my girl feeling?", she jested a bit, which made Zephyr smile a bit, before replying, "[size=2]Happy... happy that I'm with you two...[/size]".
  14. "Oh, we forgot to tell you her name?", Yvlo replied, then thought for a quick moment before replying, "She's called Aliss.". Before Zephyr could object, Yvlo signalled with his hands to tell her to stay quiet, and mouthed silently, "It's for your own good.". Meanwhile, Zarine wanted to speak up to say her real name, but after what Yvlo said to her about rogue Tenno, and that they seem to be able to track them everywhere they went, she kept silent, partly not to reveal Zephyr's identity, and partly because she did not have the heart to tell Yvlo that he had uttered out her name when she ga
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