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noted bugs via Empyrean Update

(XBOX)EternalDrk Mako

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just a list of things I noticed

  • Ivara prime unable to use Astrea Tennogen skin (does not show up in skins for her but does for ivara normal
  • railjack energy does not change, remains blue, i selected a red energy and still remains blue
  • on leaving dock railjack main guns pop off and float in dock space during the cinematic
  • aim shooting for railjack is very jerk and unable to aim smoothly or accurately, if i adjust sensitivity this affects normal play, please have separate adjusters for railjack if it is already then unsure ..?
  • amesha and railjack after casting powers can get jerky if all three are to close, could cause seizures in some i fear 
  • must leave mission to dry dock or other mission to get mission success
  • archwings speed seems slower then normal
  • no blink? like at all?
  • when returning to railjack from archwing or boarding ships arch gun is stuck to character model for some reason(exiting fixes this sometimes)
  •  if start repairing a part, repair drones cannot be used, cancel a repair or something should be an option to refund stuff to activate repair drones
  • railjack new weapons if equipped dont take on color scheme automatically ...
  • some weird color issues with railjack coloring, blacks just darken the hull to a dark grey while other colors can have a much darker or deeper affect


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