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Shedu dont want to shoot


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I just got the allmighty arm canon and go to helene do rank it up , when dizaster happen cannon just stays silent on my arm and point at enemis instead of shooting them. This happens in 2 diferent missions and i was with Ivara. It shot 2-3 times and then just point them and afcorse i make the "pew pew" sound  . This cant crush me and  i go to tested it in simulacrum and it work perffect.

https://imgur.com/sbaXCzm https://imgur.com/sbaXCzm


p.s. Im sorry for my broken ingrish

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same here, look like we can shoot only 7 times before run out of ammo. think the weapon regeneration dont work very well right now. weapon is useless right now.


sometime, weapon work correctly, but u can never know when its gonna bug.

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