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this update so so bugged. I want to kill enemy ship in the veil proxima, but i cant.....
Why? The enemy ship instant reapair the ship.....

This gamemode is not fun....

I want to  farm a new mk3 reactor, but cant drop, i cant kill the enemy ship.



I don't call the game bugframes in vain

It would be good if you could fix it, 
because it is getting boring that all railjack missions are crouching 
like a f-cking god and you can't let go of anything.


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22 minutes ago, patkincs said:

The enemy ship instant reapair the ship.....

Crewships in Veil Proxima can deploy healing field. It is bugged, so the enemies keep healing even when they are out of the field (and their healing is permanent).

The best thing you can do is to focus crewships as soon as they show up. After all crewships are down, it is guaranteed that newly spawned fighters won't heal.

And there are couple ways to destroy bugged fighters: artillery cannon, slingshot, ramming, hiding between asteroids (fighters crash often) and attacking a single enemy with your teammates at the same time (so you deal damage faster than the fighter regenerates).

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