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New Warframes


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The 3 Siblings

Crush, Peirce, and Susan. Just kidding. Bear, Hawk, and Wolf.

Bear: An impact oriented warframe that relies on throwing his weight around. Abilities are oriented towards knock down, or up, and keeping the enemy off their feet.

Ability 1: Cannon Drop. Bear jumps into the air and propels himself downwards using teh jets built into his armor. Once hitting the ground Bear throws enemies up into the air X amount of feet, leaving them open to gunfire/melee.

Ability 2: Cannon Charge: Bear burns the jets on his armor at full speed to barrel forward, catching any enemy in his way and slamming them into any solid object he hits. Example: Catching a Grineer butcher and slamming him into a ship wall. This does high impact damage and leaves the enemy 'dazed' if they survive opening them up for an assassination attack. Only up to 15 enemies can be carried at max level, with a base of 5 to start.

Ability 3: Wild Rockets: Bear overcharges his rockets and releases them from his armor. The rockets will run wild around him in X meter radios impacting enemies and staggering them.

Ability 4: Targeted Bombardment: Ogre launches into the air and hovers with his rockets. After which he begins to fire down metal rods. Each metal rod costs 50 energy to fire (effected by energy efficiency) While airborne Bear gains a 20% damage reduction, which ends when energy is out, or ability is canceled.

Passive: While running build up momentum until Bear is surrounded in a small energy field, any enemy that comes into contact takes impact damage and is knocked over, running into a wall or heavy enemy, creates a small impact aoe. He also has a 10% increase to all impact damage.


Hawk: Hawk focus's on ranged, piercing attacks as well as attacking through objects.

Ability 1: Target Lock: Hawk jumps into the air and hovers with a pair of jets attached to her armor. She marks all targets in visual range (a cone X meters out in front of herself) and lands after a short period of time. During this Hawk can spin in mid air to target more enemies if needed. Marked enemies take 1% more damage with a total of 5% at max rank.

Ability 2: Feather Storm: Feather storm creates a cloak of damaging peircing feathers around hawk, if held, feathers will seek out marked targets doing piercing damage. Feathers ignore 10% of armor and up to 20% if the enemy is marked.

Ability 3: Piercing Feather: When marked targets take cover, an outline is shown through solid objects, Piercing feather is capable of hitting targets that are marked, through said objects. Piercing feather can only be used on marked targets.

Ability 4: Piercing Rain: hawk launches into the air and hovers gaining a reduced 30% damage bonus while airborne, and proceeds to rain down piercing feathers on foes. Enemies marked take bonus damage from her feathers, and unmarked enemies take standard. Unlike piercing Feather, Piercing Rain will hit enemies through objects, so long as they are within range. Piercing rain is an amiable ultimate, draining energy during use. While in use, Hawk cannot move and must cancel the ability to drop and regain movement capabilities again.

Passive: Glide: hawk is able to glide long distances without loosing altitude, she also has a 10% increase to piercing damage.

Wolf: Wolf focus's on close ranged slashing style attacks. Bleeding is almost guaranteed when facing wolf.

Ability 1: gore: Wolf rushes forward unleashing his claws in a furious (wolverine like) fury to cause a bleed proc on enemies. If used on shields, bleed proc will not activate unless shields are depleted and hp is hit at the end of the attack.

Ability 2: Pounce: Wolf pounches onto a foe, knocking them to the ground and unleashing an unending (hold) attack on the enemy doing constant slash damage. Killilng an enemy with pounce grants a stack of 'fury.'

Ability 3: Unleashed: Unleashed can only be actiated when fury is maxed (at 10). Doing so increases Wolf's melee damage by 25% at max, with a base of 5%.

Ability 4: Feral Frenzy: Wolf gains a damage bonus to melee damage and pulls out his claws to attack enemies nearby. While in Frenzy mode, all other abilities are free to use for the duration of Frenzy. Frenzy lasts only 30 seconds (60 at max) and can be extended by 5 seconds per kill. While in Frenzy Wolf gains a more anamalistic appearance (think Were-bro. Were kubrow get it? ;D) and cause's a 'panic' debuff (calling it panic but think flash bang effect) leaving enemies open for an assassination attempt. This effect only lasts 10 seconds during the initial activation of the power.

Passive: Wolf gains a 10% increase to all slash damage. Wolf uses melee weapons 5% quicker.


Alternatively, i thought this could be one frame, sort of like Equanox, press a button and shifts between the 3 forms, but i thought releasing three distinct frames that are designed to be siblings would work well, i tried to make the powers sort of...work together. Impact knock up with the rain, and wolf's melee frenzy, or wolf's rush combined with targeted feather rain and impacts knock over charge. Regardless, the idea to create them base don the three standard 'bullet' styles just seemed fun. I'm open to suggestions as well of course, and to anyone wondering, i avoided energy numbers, range numbers, shield and hp numbers, because as I've been told over the years, i am very bad at those ^_^


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