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Forge Shrinking Weapons


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This is a bit of a strange one. It happens when you have a finished weapon in the forge. When you first enter your orbiter and look at the forge the image of the currently ready weapon is displayed rotating like normal. However, if you open the fore and then close it without taking the weapon the image shrinks. It looks to be about 2/3 the size. Also instead of displaying in the middle of the forge it is on the left side (looking at it).

Ok it gets stranger. I had noticed that one time the weapon was smaller. This was after coming from messing around in the arsenal. However, I found it was because I had opened the forge again, and not noticed the image had shrunk more. Now in testing it I found that each time you open the forge and then exit it, again without taking the weapon, it keeps shrinking.I am now looking at a Komorex that will fit in Rhinos palm. I'm guessing if I keep at it I could get it down to pixle size. I'll try and get a couple screenshots and edit together an image to show this later.

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Original post had incorrect info about extra shrinkage.
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