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How do you other pilots fly their ships? What's your preferred ship stat? 

Do you try to keep your distance and have you and the gunners take out fighters from afar? Or do you dogfight, boosting, drifting and vectoring around fighters, fleeing from crew ships? 

I'm a very aggressive dog-fighter, spamming boosts, vectors. I like speed, a lot. As I have learned to solo these missions, I've learned to draw the fighters out from near the asteroids where they and crew ships spawn with the apoc, take the fighters down with the particle ram, Amesha my way to the crew ships, blow them up and repeat. Using an average of 30 revolite per mission. I'm one mission away to getting my veil permit! 



How does the rest of the crew feel about your flying? 

My crew, the regular one is used the jerking around... Mostly. We usually have one person off the ship competing objectives, another in the slingshot and the last guy is the gunner/engineer. 

Slingshot only opens their eyes when I say we're stable and ready to fire lol

Engineer is annoyed by the ship jerking around as he helps finish off targets. 


Do you, as a pilot run public, private, semi-private, solo ? 

I run solo, private and semi-private. But I am willing to go to the recruitment channel. 


What's your preferred weapon type? 

Apoc, Carcerox are my main guns. But my main weapon will always be the particle ram. No need to chase down loot if it's mangled in your front bumper! 


Feel free to leave your war stories, funny tidbits, worst encounters, or ask for advice. I'm hoping to glean some from you guys! 


I know this is very pilot centered, I'd love to have some input from what other roles do, or think of. 

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