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Player falls out of Orb Valis after riding K-Drive


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I'm here to report a bug that was pretty inconvenient

Reproduction Rate: 1/10

Steps to Reproduce
1. Acquire Warframe Client
2. Flush into Orb Valis
3. Begin Orb Valis Bounty mission
4. Progress naturally while frequently using the K-Drive

The user will fall out of bounds and be stuck in an eternal loop.

The user will have to force close the game causing them to loose the materials the acquired throughout the mission.  

There is currently no workaround for this issue (/Unstuck did not help)

Platfroms impacted
PC: Occurs
Xbox: Not tested
PS4: Not tested
Switch: Not tested

1. If the user is in a party and the majority choose extraction the stuck user will hang indefinitely
2. The loot will not be lost if the mission is completed even after the user hangs.
3. Logs and video will be provided if requested (can't seem to find out where to add them from the toolbar)


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