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Not getting the intrinsics i've earned


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So I've noticed that the intrinsic system is broken af!! After doing some missions, coming back to the drydock, I will see I have 6 intrinsics. If i now go back to my orbiter it will show me the mission results, which show I've earned 42 intrinsics!!! When I go back to the drydock it shows me having 24 intrinsics... WTF?!?! 

Last time this happened i recorded it all, I would love for DE to take a look at it, fix it, and give me back the stuff I've earned but not gotten! 

Also, can someone explain to me why it is that, pc gets everything before console, according to DE to debug before it gets send out to console, but we still get the same bugged and broken af stuff as pc?! 

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Keeps happing.. Just had 20 intrinsics saved up, done a mission and earned 30, got back and I only have 25 now..  This kinda bs really takes the fun out of the game fast! I mean its already a huge grind to get everything in railjack, but how it is now, broken af, its a near impossible grind.... 

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