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Railjack Ship Part Drop Rates


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Doing the Veil since about day 2 of Railjacks release. Not a single ship part has dropped from end mission rewards. 
Zekti reactors are near useless.
Can't get anything above 49 capacity.
Can't use 99% of avionics because of this.

I've been at this for hours and hours a day.
My intrinsic's are 6/7/9/5, you would think by now I have something. 
But it's just relic, after relic, after relic, after 400 driac. 
I have every single zekti/lavan/vidar avionic other than the highest shield one.
I'm only missing 2 battle avionics and 1 tactical. 
but I can't use. any. of. it.

Railjack was fun, but i'm not allowed to use most of it because nothing drops. 

a 2% chance for the rewards to roll a ship part
then it has to roll WHICH ship part,
then it has to roll WHICH STATS it even gets. 

It's too much. 


I got Shedu before I could even get a good reactor. 🤡

Ship parts need a bigger % to be a reward especially with stats that have a roll on top of it. 
Ship parts (ALL houses) should be drops from crew ships -- these are the ones that should be the 2% drop rate NOT the mission rewards. 

This isn't about
"making railjack content last" 
"not farming everything in one day" 
I get that. 
but it's not fun if the only things that drop make a MK3 equal to a MK1 or sometimes LOWER than the Sigma stuff. 

It may even be a good idea to change how common/uncommon values are for stats.
Make it harder to get one thats 80-100% of its max stats. So a reactor thats 80-100, or a shield thats 800-988.
and make it easier to get ones 50-79% so shields that are 500-799, and reactors 50-79. 
That way you can get something VIABLE and work towards  min/maxing. Instead of just min with no max.

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