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Console Tactical Menu needs help


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So with the recent addition of the Tactical Menu for Railjack you have disabled the option for anyone that uses custom controls or actually wants to aim while casting abilities since we cannot assign abilities to the d-pad (so we have to remove our thumb from the right analog to cast, instead of being able to aim while casting).

Why you don't allow us to access the Tactical Menu from the options, or open the consumables menu and press L1/LB to access it is extremely prohibitive given that we already have very limited inputs available.

Can we please get some better options for accessing the Tactical Menu since DE's controller support is starting to look like you don't even test using one.

Also, DE really needs an experienced console player on staff since you haven't even allowed us to make alt fire a toggle (like Tiberon) so that we can switch firing modes on weapons like the Pandero instead of being forced to shoot when pressing alt fire. And PS4 needs more command options for the touch pad (like consumables being allowed on tap/swipe).

Seriously, controllers need help!

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