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Just write your offer her or pm me ingame. Stats do not matter, i just want to stop farming lichs.

If you instead want a lich, here is a list of my converted lichs:

Kohm 58% Magnetic

Chakkhurr 51% Magnetic

Kraken 25% Magnetic

Shildeg 26% Radiation

Brakk 28% Magnetic

Tonkor 25% Radiation

Drakgoon 32% Radiation

Dual Stubba 43% Radiation

Brakk 45% Radiation

Ayanga 35% Radiation

Brakk 41% Radiation (with ephemera)

Tonkor 47% Radiation

Drakgoon 26% Radiation

Seer 27% Radiation

Quartak 38% Magnetic

Ayanga 47% Magnetic

Karak 26% Magnetic

Drakgoon 25% Magnetic











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