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My chat is bugged


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On 2019-12-25 at 10:01 PM, (PS4)All36me said:

My chat is bugged for the pass week and i tried to reinstall the game. I tried to reconnect to WI-FI but it still doesn't want to work please help

Yeah same, it's just stuck on a loading icon and I can't chat, I even deleted and reinstalled Warframe, please look at this devs and fix it, don't ignore it


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I thought I was just me, having an odd internet issue despite never having this personal issue before.. DE if there is something you can do, plz fix. This is ruining my experience.

I finally joined a session in the veil proxima that had what I needed to unlock a quest, and the host departed mid mission. I couldn't even ask him to wait or to cancel it long enough for me to get the crystal. Failed the mission for me and I didn't get the quest unlock... 




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