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DTS S/PDIF no surround sound.


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When running Warframe on my S/PDIF setup with external amplifiers in DTS mode, surround sound doesn't work at all in Warframe.

Windows test works fine, any other game I have recognizes and plays surround sound, but Warframe just defaults to stereo, even when setting the in-game audio device to "Realtek Digital Output".

Windows settings for supported formats are DTS Audio, Dolby Digital, at 48kHz. Tests run from the properties window recognize all channels and play all channels. Default Format for shared mode ius set to DTS Interactive (5.1 Surround), with permissions for applications to take exclusive control.

From what I've been able to distill from reddit posts, forum posts, and general other internet babble is that Warframe doesn't recognize/use a digital output as being surround sound, but always assumes it's stereo.


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