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SOO RAN into a new bug to where I CANNOT HACK OR, PRESS BUTTONS AN GET STUCK IN animations. I LITERALLY am locked out of #*!%ing everything. THEY REALLY NEED TO FIX THIS TYPE of crap. MY HUD bugs out on orb vallis. TO where MY HUD breaks an wont even unhide even when i hide an unhide it SPECIFICALLY IN THE DISPLAY SETTINGS. THEN NEW BUG IN RAIL JACK. THAT LITERALLY BUGGED OUT I RESTARTED LAUNCHER AN STILL GOT IT. I DONT even know where to fking start. LIKE THIS type of BREAK NEEDS HOT FIXES ASAP. SO HOPEFULLY people can help an tell me what the #*!% is going on. IF you see this D.E PLEASE FIX THIS because this is heavily IRRITATING RESPECTFULLY signing off 

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