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Uncle Ammo (Ballistics/Ammunition frame idea)


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So I've had an idea float about in my head since Railjack dropped...a Ballistics/Munitions Warframe, a frame who handles bullets and ammo. I can't think of an edgy or creative name for him so for now lets call him Uncle Ammo. I tried my best to name his abilities though😥

First let's throw in some quick lore for him, skip if you like


A notable Railjack engineer and inventor of the Omni Tool. He was good friends with the guy who eventually became Limbo, because they're both math nuts.Ballas got him, did the do. A void jump went wrong, ship exploded and now his parts are scattered in the void. Done

Any values given are rank 30 values with no modding
Passive: Omni-Case
- He carries no spare ammo for any of his weapons i.e his weapons come loaded with one magazine. Instead he picks up any ammo pickup and converts it into universal ammo, storing up to five cartridges in his special case. One cartridge equates to one magazine regardless of the magazine size of the weapon in use. A cartridge is consumed if he or any ally reloads with no spare ammo on them.
- He also won't have any energy (mainly because the only abilities that I can feasibly put an energy cost on are his 3 and 4 which won't even be that much so might as well have no energy)
How the case's UI could be made/handled


Ammo design in game currently comprosises of a case and a light (blue for rifles, green for shotguns and purple for sniper rifles), so the state of 1 will be the case and state of 2 will be the light and these states will be cycled through and displayed on the omni-case. Ok cool

1. Omni spec
- A cycle ability where he converts the stored ammo into special Rifle, Shotgun or Sniper ammo shell/casing.
- Reloading your weapon will load it with the modified ammo granting an additional characteristic.
Rifle reduces recoil (including kickback from fan-the-hammers from the Pandero and Kuva Kraken) (-40% affected by strength)
Shotgun increases status duration (+2s affected by duration)
Sniper increases projectile flight speed. (+35% affected by strength)
Holding the ability resets back to generic ammo if you don't want your bullets modified

2. Ballistic Potential
- A second cycle ability cycling the light colour of the ammo
- Loaded in the same way as his 1, you reload and load the modified ammo so you can cycle the 1 and 2 then reload once to get both benefits
- Provides a secondary buff depending on the ammo light/colour displayed on the Casing/shell
Rifle (blue) -  Gains multishot (+35% affected by strength)
Shotgun (green) - Projectiles gain bonus multiplicative Status Chance that decreases with distance travelled (starts at 30% from 0 to 6m then decreases at 5% per 5m, base value affected by strength then rate is affected by efficiency)
Sniper (purple) - Projectiles gain additive crit damage that increases with distance travelled (+0.5x every 10m, base value affected by strength then rate is affected by efficiency)
- Holding the ability puts down the omnicase instead allowing allies to use the special ammo without needing to empty out their ammo reserves first. Press 1 or 2 to put it back on

- Allies can only get one cartridge each per instance of dropped omni-case

3. Ballistic Focus
- Reduces your magazine to the last two bullets, using the ammo that was consumed in the process to grant additional damage to those two shots. To illustrate, a Tenora has a magazine of 150, so we consume 148 bullets and channel them into the final two bullets in order to deal our entire magazine's worth of damage in two shots
- Hold to instead consume omnicase cartridges instead granting a damage bonus per cartridge that was present to a single bullet (+15% per cartridge affected by strength)

4. Omni-shot
-  The Omni case is morphed into an exalted sniper rifle
- As a result he won't have to reload to get the bonus from his 1 and his 2, he can just change on the fly and the munitions within will change accordingly since the omnicase is the magazine
- Modable using rifle and sniper specific mods
- Using current Sniper ammo as a basis to measure the magazine of this weapon gives a maximum of 10 rounds per omnicartridge so that means he can have a maximum of 40 shots at any one time
- It will glow with the color of the ammo case that's in it so that it's easy to tell what's in it
- It could gain an additional perk from the shell in use
Rifle shell - Loses punchthrough, Headshot kill round ricochets between enemies within 3m of the initial impact (ricochet radius affected by range)
Shotgun shell -  A single instance of damage can inflict two status procs at once
Sniper shell - Increase sniper combo by 2 per shot instead of 1
The bonuses of 1 and 2 will still apply here

You still reload your secondary as normal even with this active, you'll just be taking a magazine from the exalted sniper

Too much? This is a rough idea  please let me know and help me. I can already tell that this kit will have complications with bows, beams, battery mags, the Corinth and the Strun due to how their respective reload mechanics work so yeah, HELP
Also apologies if this is posted in the wrong place  

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